Blue skies, golden sand beaches, perfectly positioned palm trees and Instagram-worthy sunsets – who wouldn’t want to go on holiday in Fiji? There’s more to Fiji than its beaches though (as perfect as they are!). Read on to find out what to pack for a holiday in Fiji, to make sure you experience the best of what the country has to offer.

Fiji Packing Guide

Hat / Sunscreen / Sunglasses

These may seem like obvious things to pack for a holiday on a tropical island, but the sun in Fiji can be fierce – so make sure you don’t forget these essentials! Sunscreen is pretty pricey in Fiji and you’ll need to use a fair bit of it. When visiting a village in Fiji – ditch the hat as it’s considered insulting to Fijians to wear a hat in their village. Sunnies will save your skin eyes when you head out on the water – nothing worse than squinting through the glare the whole time.

Insect Repellent

You don’t want itchy bug bites ruining your holiday. Insect repellents with DEET have been proven to be very effective against mosquito bites. But when used with sunscreen they can decrease the effectiveness of the sunblock by up to 40%! I prefer to go for something with more natural ingredients, such as this insect repellent spray by Pure Fiji (hey, when in Rome!). Plus, it’s vegan-friendly and not tested on animals – two big ticks from me!

Reef Shoes

Although the name is misleading (you don’t want to be walking on the reef at it’s incredibly damaging for the coral), reef shoes are very handy. Grab a pair of inexpensive reef shoes for avoiding cuts from sharp rocks, lurking marine critters, or accidentally scraping your feet on live coral while snorkelling.

Snorkelling Gear

If you’re staying at a resort, they will most likely have snorkelling gear you can hire or borrow, but it’s impossible to know beforehand what condition it will be in. If you’ve got the space, I’d recommend taking your own so you’re sure to have a set that fits – and you’ll know it’s clean!


With all the swimming you’ll be doing – consider taking two pairs of swimwear if you hate getting into damp togs! Although bikinis look great on the beach, they aren’t so practical for water-sports like snorkelling or windsurfing when you’ll be wanting something a little more… stable!

Stationery/ Gifts

If you plan on doing a village tour in Fiji or visiting a local school, it’s a nice gesture to come armed with small gifts or stationery. If staying with a local, bringing some Yaqona (kava) will always be appreciated, as will stationery supplies for the children or teachers at the school.

First Aid Essentials

With any luck, you won’t be needing this one, but simple first aid supplies can be hard to find in Fiji – and even harder on the outer islands! They’re also pretty expensive. So take some essentials with you such as panadol (paracetamol), band aids and an antiseptic cream or tea tree oil for cuts or mosquito bites.

Walking Shoes

There are some fantastic hiking trails and walks in Fiji that you don’t want to miss out on because you don’t have the right footwear! To make the most of the stunning waterfalls and national parks you will need footwear with good support and grip.

Casual Loose Clothing

While resorts are fairly laid back when it comes to dress code, as soon as you leave the resort you should respect the customs of the local people and dress conservatively. When visiting a village or a church, men should always wear a shirt, and women should have shoulders and knees covered. Loose, cotton clothing will be more forgiving in the hot temperatures. Tip: Don’t take only casual clothes away with you as some of the fancier resort restaurants have a smart dress code.

Camera / Underwater Camera

You’re going to want to take a few snaps of your Fijian adventures – so don’t forget to bring a camera! Go the extra mile and bring an underwater camera to capture the beauty of Fiji’s coral and colourful fish while snorkelling or scuba diving.

Small Umbrella or Waterproof Jacket

Fiji is not immune to the odd shower or full-on downpour, especially during the ‘wet’ season which runs from November to April. So take a small umbrella or jacket if you plan on getting out and about despite the rain. Tip: Despite the name – the wet season is a great time to visit Fiji. It’s quieter and you’ll get some great deals on Fiji flights and accommodation. We visited Fiji in February and it only rained once – overnight!

What to pack for a holiday in fiji

Other Fiji Travel Tips

Keep in mind that domestic flights within Fiji only have a 15kg baggage allowance – so pack lightly if you’re transferring to a domestic flight.

Some food and alcohol can be brought into Fiji – but make sure you declare everything. For more information on what can be imported, refer to Fiji Revenue & Customs.

Fiji power supply is the same as in Australia and New Zealand – three point plug, 240 volts AC 50Hz.

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Have fun in Fiji, Bula!

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FIJI PACKING GUIDE - What to pack for a holiday in Fiji

Find out what to pack for a holiday in Fiji! Your ultimate Fiji packing list.