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  • Vegan Food Guide to Hamilton, New Zealand

    You know how the saying goes, right? That “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”…  Well, I didn’t know how good I had it as a vegan living in Hamilton. Until I left. Seriously, for a city smack bang in the middle of…

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  • Revive and restore yoga retreat in france

    Revive & Restore – an Intimate Yoga Retreat in France

    Four days in a charming country house with all meals prepared and obligatory down-time? Sign me up! Add in a healthy dose of yoga and walks through the rustic French countryside and you’ve just described my perfect holiday. Enter Revive & Restore with Will Wheeler…

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  • Vegan Restaurant in Bordeaux - Greedy Review

    Vegan Food in Bordeaux – Greedy Restaurant Review

    It’s no secret the French love their meat and cheese. Which means that trying to find vegan food in France can be an uphill battle. French meals are steeped in tradition and as a consequence, France appears to be one of the last countries in Europe to fully embrace the Vegan…

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