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  • Getting to Saleccia Beach in Corsica with Saleccia Off Road

    Off-Roading to Paradise – Driving Through Corsica’s Desert

    Saleccia and Loto are arguably two of Corsica’s most beautiful beaches. But visiting their pristine shores is easier said than done, especially when the weather isn’t on your side! Located on the outer edges of the Desert des Agriates, reaching these two beaches in northern Corsica requires a…

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  • Guide to visiting Saleccia Beach and Loto Beach in Corsica, France

    A Guide to Saleccia and Loto – Corsica’s Hidden Beaches

    On the edge of the Désert des Agriates lies a secret known only to locals and savvy visitors. This rocky and wild, yet surprisingly lush landscape gives way to two of the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. These impossibly perfect shorelines are those of Saleccia…

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