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  • The Massif de Sancy is one of the most incredible hiking trails in Auvergne, France.

    Sleeping Giants: Hiking the Auvergne Volcano Trail

    Travel to the Auvergne region of France for stunning vistas, medieval villages, traditional gastronomy, and some of the country’s finest hiking trails. The Auvergne volcanoes have stood dormant in the heart of France for thousands of years, sleeping giants covered in luscious green vegetation. The…

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  • 30 thing to know before going to France.

    30 Things to Know Before Travelling to France

    France is a dream destination for many. Whether you’ve been lured in by the romantic whimsy of Paris, the sun-soaked coast of the South of France, or the fairytale-like villages of Provence, you won’t regret booking a holiday in la France. But while the dream does…

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  • Weekend Guide to the Luberon Valley in Provence, France

    The Ultimate Luberon Valley Guide – The Heart of Provence, France

    The Luberon valley is, in my experience, the most authentic and intriguing area of Provence. It’s a place where time has seemingly stood still for centuries and you can still sample the alluring Provençal charm that has captivated countless visitors throughout the years. It’s an…

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  • The 20 best castles in France.

    20 of the Most Beautiful Castles in France

    Think of France and it’s likely that sooner or later, in among thoughts of the Eiffel Tower, endless vineyards, and deliciously crunchy baguettes; a vision of a grand château will emerge. Perhaps a castle you’ve seen in a film, or in the pages of a…

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  • The best day trips from Avignon, France.

    15 Best Day Trips From Avignon, France

    A city of great history and intrigue, Avignon has lured visitors from around the globe for centuries. Follow in the footsteps of the Popes as you discover what this enchanting city has to offer. From hilltop gardens to grand palaces and a bustling central market, there’s…

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