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  • Five unique destinations for a winter break in Spain.

    5 Unique Places for a Winter Break in Spain

    While many may think of Spain as a summer destination, there are plenty of places ideal for a winter getaway too. Some of the more obvious choices include well-known winter hotspots like Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Mallorca, but I’ve set out to find five unique…

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  • Best places to stay in Provence, France

    Best Places to Stay in Provence, France – The Ultimate Provence Guide!

    Oh, Provence. This sun-soaked corner of France has lured visitors for centuries with its unique and captivating charm. I mean, who wouldn’t be seduced by strolling through fields of fragrant lavender, taking in the stunning natural vistas, exploring crumbling châteaux and walking in the footsteps of illustrious artists? Provence…

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  • Falkland Islands Penguins. King penguins in the Falkland islands. Volunteer Point.

    A Complete Guide to the Falkland Islands Penguins

    My favourite part of visiting the Falklands? That’s easy. Without a doubt, it was the Falkland Islands penguins. I spent hours hanging out on the beach and the grassy banks with the penguins of the Falkland Islands and it was the most memorable aspect of…

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