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  • 5 Surprises about buying a house in France vs New Zealand

    5 Surprises About Buying a House in France (vs New Zealand)

    It’s been a hot minute since we first set out to buy a house in France. Our search was centred around the bucolic town of Saintes where we eventually found our very own “place in the sun” complete with requisite pool and ancient garden well. Fast forward…

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  • Le Long Weekend - Goals for 2017

    Life, Travel, Blogging; Setting Goals for 2017

    Not normally one to set New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided in 2017 I need to be more proactive with my personal projects. From achieving blogging milestones, to a spring fling on the French Riviera, to practising my pranayama – I’ve got big plans for the next 12 11 months…

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  • Moving pets overseas. Moving Dogs internationally.

    Top Tips for Moving Pets Abroad – A Tale of Two Retrievers

    Let’s face it. Moving overseas is stressful. And moving overseas with pets can increase your stress levels ten-fold if you don’t have your ducks neatly in a row. Being organised is the key to seamless pet transport – you can forget spontaneous travel when Fido…

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  • What happens at the OFII Medical Appointment in France

    Living In France: The OFII Appointment & Medical

    Today marked an important milestone in my French journey – the OFII appointment and medical (French Office of Immigration and Integration). I’d spent hours worrying about this appointment. Reading the letter from the OFII countless times to make sure I was prepared with all my…

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